List of posts

1. The Parthenon and its sculptures in Roman times (Part one) – 25th October 2014

2. The Parthenon and its Sculptures in Roman Times (Part Two) – 4th November 2014

3. The Two Towers (of the Winds) – 14th November 2014

4. Hellenistic Athens comes to 18th Century Oxford – 27th November 2014

5. How to Read (or Over-read) and Ancient Monument – 5th December 2014

6. Inventing ancient tomb monuments in Roman Greece – 14th December 2014

7. The resting places of giants – 23rd December 2014

8. Roman Argos – heroic tombs and an identity crisis – 18th January 2015

9. Buried in the heart of the city – tombs, benefactors and heroes in Roman Greece – 28th January 2015

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