About the blog

I’m a Classical Archaeologist and Ancient Historian originally from the UK, with a PhD from the Netherlands, where I lived for fifteen years, who is currently working in Denmark. I’m interested in most things to do with Greek and Roman culture but especially in the public spaces of ancient cities and ancient sculpture. A lot of my work has had to do with what happened to Greece when the country became part of the Empire which explains the website address for the blog – I set it up when I really was working just on Roman Greece. I’m now expanding my focus to look at the changing face of public space in different parts of the Roman Empire, from Roman Britain to Asia Minor. I blog mainly about my work, ancient culture and academic life with occasional pieces on other things that interest me. I’m very new to Denmark so at the moment I’m very interested in the ways the country, and academic life here, are different from the UK and the Netherlands. I’ll probably write about that sometimes.

Chris Dickenson